Mia Kwon

I want to bring the unique elegance of porcelain closer to the people. One important element of my work is to make my porcelain jewellery comfortably wearable, while still keeping the unique and precious feel of hand crafted porcelain. For my slip casted porcelain elements, I use Mont-Blanc porcelain, because of its fine texture and pure white colour. I polish the finished pieces to reach a super slick surface, which is nice to watch and wear.
I want to change the way people see porcelain jewellery by creating beautiful and unusual fashion items. A very light look and feel is as important to me, as a perfect and precise finishing. I aim to blur the borders between jewellery, porcelain, fabric and fashion and create an uncommon, contemporary perspective onto porcelain jewellery.



2006-2008  Master of Arts in Design at FHP University of Applied Science, Potsdam, Germany.
1996-2000  B.F.A. in Ceramic Craft, Kookmin University for Architecture & Design, Seoul, South Korea.


2017  Who is Publisher Prize, The Arts & Crafts Design Award 2016, Croatia.
2014  Winner, The Gallery of Art In Legnica Award, Spain.
2013  JOYA Special Mention Prize, Gioielli in Fermento-Premio Torre Fornello, Italy.


2016  Joint exhibition, Jewellery from over the World “TRANSIT”, Creativity Oggetti, Italy.
2015  invited Individual Exhibition “VIVID!” during 24th Jewellery Festival SILVER, Legnica Cultural Centre, Poland.
2014  Joint exhibition, Art Jewellery as Fashion Statement “Wear It Loud”, RR Gallery, New York, USA.